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Dec 22, 2015 | Home Security, Seasonal

6 DIY Home Security Projects for Your Holiday Home

Happy holidays! We know from experience that this time of year is fraught with things to do, and we also know that a dedicated DIYer cannot resist adding one more project to the list.

So in the spirit of giving, weA?areA?happy to give you six more holidayA?DIY projects to chew on. Some will take just a few minutes, while others require a little more time, but all will help you create a festive, safe and welcoming atmosphere for your holiday home.

1 a??A?Fireproof Your Chimney

Okay, so this one is part-DIY, part-professional: ’tis the season for cozy fires, and that means it is also the season for making your fireplace safe. The first step is to get in touch with the pros and call a chimneysweep. Next, purchase a fire extinguisher to place chimney-side, and look into fire-resistant goodies like fireplace mats, thick fireproof gloves, a hefty set of fireplace tools (log grabber, poker, log tweezers, etc.), and a bucket full of sand, in case a fire were to catch.

2 a??A?Make Your Own Customized Ornaments

One of our favorite family traditions is making one new tree ornament each year. The homemade, DIY aspect is fun, but what we love most are the memories associated with each project. Of course, you don’t have to stick to Christmas tree ornaments, but these tiny little projects are simple, meaning you can get the easiest among them finished in under 30 minutes. Some foolproof ornaments to get you started? Try this Scrabble tile ornament, popsicle stick sled, wine cork reindeer, bottle-cap snowman, or glittery twine ball.

3 a??A?Install a Smart Thermostat

A programmable thermostat saves money but even better, itA?willA?keep your family and your holiday guests cozy. A smart thermostat is easy to install, even for a DIYer, and will let you track your home’s temperatures, no matter where you are. And during the chilliest of holiday days, program it to warm up your mornings and cool down at night, so you can snuggle up under the comforter.

4 a??A?Decorate Your Front Yard

Need to boost your holiday curb appeal? The Internet is chock full of front yard dA?cor projects, form the super simple to the master woodworker variety. A few of our favorites are these holiday NoA?l trees, concrete block gifts, giant bulb ornaments, a terracotta snowman, and this lighted star.

5 a??A?Secure Your Lawn

Since youA?areA?already outfitting your yard with new dA?cor, this is the perfect time to stake out a few home security signs. While youA?areA?at it, sticker a few to your windows, as well. Yard signs and window stickers are your first line of defense against burglars a?? and theyA?areA?a proven deterrent, as well. Especially when youA?willA?be away for the holidays, protecting your home from break-ins is an essential security measure.

6 a??A?Clean the Pantry

Okay, we know this sounds like the most boring of all holiday DIYs and we are big enough to concede that yep, it probably is. But it is very worth it, and thatA?isA?this task’s redeeming quality. You do not want to be elbow-deep in your Grandma’s fudge recipe, only to find out that the five-year-old corn syrup is expired, or that you are completely out of the good vanilla. While you are in there, check that you are stocked for holiday spices (sweet and spicy), nuts, and other once-a-year goodies.

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