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Nov 9, 2015 | Home Security, Seasonal

6 DIY Tips & Tricks to Prepare Your Apartment For The Cold

The first day of winter is just around the corner a?? officially December 22, but we all know that’s just wishful thinking a?? and unfortunately, the first cold snap will be here before we can snap our fingers. Our icy, bitter cold fingers.

Le sigh. Sometimes, we wish we could be kids again. You know, to go back to a time when we looked forward to winter. (Really looked forward to it.) A time when the thought of snow conjured visions of hot chocolate and days off from school, and not of commutes with black ice and sky-high heating bills.

But since we haveA?not yet discovered time travel, weA?willA?have to settle for loving winter the best we can. And here at LivSecure DIY Home Alarm Systems, that means pulling out our list of winter DIY projects to keep our apartments, condos and homes warm and cozy all season long. These are DIY projects that are simple, fast and cost-effective, and even better a?? doable for both renters and homeowners. Here are 6A?DIY tips to prepare your apartment.

1 a??A?Make Draft Stoppers

One afternoon when youA?areA?feeling crafty, whip up enough draft stoppers (aka door snake) to outfit every door in your apartment. TheyA?areA?as easy as sewing a door-width tube and stuffing it with rice, and you can make them as elaborate or beautiful as you’d like. Plus, theyA?areA?awesomely functional; theyA?willA?save you money on your energy bill and keep you warmer this winter.

Tutorials: Rice-Filled Draft Stopper | Pool Noodle Draft Stopper |

2 a??A?Bubble-Wrap Your Windows

No, weA?areA?not kidding. All you need is scissors, bubble wrap, water, and a few minutes of your time, and youA?willA?be well on your way to much lower heating bills and much warmer rooms. Bonus: If you live in an apartment or building close to your neighbors, bubble wrap creates privacy while letting in tons of light, much like those opaque glass shower blocks.

Tutorial: DIY Bubble-wrap Window Insulation

3 a??A?Seal up Drafts

Even renters can seal simple drafts, with minimal time and financial investment. First, find drafts by holding a candle in front of windows and doors; when the flame flickers, youA?haveA?found your draft. You can use sticky plastic, draft-sealing tape (for internal doors and windows), and door sweeps or weatherproofing tape to seal up frigid air currents.

Tutorial: Seal Door and Window Drafts

4 a??A?Put Ceiling Fans on Reverse

Have you ever seen that itty bitty little switch on the side of your ceiling fan? You probably did notA?know it was “winter mode” for your fan a?? switching the direction of the blades to suck cold air up and push warm air down, to where you are.

Tutorial: Winterize Your Ceiling Fan

5 a??A?DIY Terracotta Heater

This is another one for crafty souls: if you have a flair for DIY and a yen for cozy beauty, this one is for you. The bottom line: a few inexpensive terracotta planters/pots + tea light candles combine to create a pretty potent (and A?ber cheap) heater. Of course, be sure to never, ever leave your candles unattended!

Tutorial: Build a Terracotta Heater

6 a??A?Lower Your Storm Windows

If your windows have breezy screens in summertime, they may have storm window counterparts for winter. (Check if they are pushed up out of view; many storms and screens function on a triple-track system.) Storm windows provide an extra layer of much-needed insulation from the chill, and can spell the difference between warm rooms and interior windows laced with frost. (Renters, ask your landlord.)

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