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Dec 1, 2015 | Home Security, Seasonal

Nervous Rex Warns: 6 Home Security Risks for the Season

Hi there, I’m Rex. Yes, that Rex a?? the family dog. And I just wanted to a?? wait, did you hear that? No? Okaya??

As I was saying, I just wanted to wish you a very happy holidays! I love the season of giving. Because that includes giving toys and treats and fancy dog food, right? And of course a?? wait, now I know I heard something!

Yes, my super-doggy hearing is very sensitive. And that means I can hear things you cannot. Things like prowlers creeping around outside. Things like crackling sparks, readying for a house fire. Things like jiggling locks and rattling windows.

And IA?amA?happy to bark and let you know, if youA?areA?at home with me. But thatA?isA?where it ends a?? my bark. I cannotA?call 911 (sorry, no opposable thumbs). I cannot notify the home security company. And I definitely cannot open the door to escape danger.

I amA?your pet, not a home security system. But I do want to talk about our home, and our security, particularly during the holiday season. Because things are a little different over the holidays, and there are a few things you should pay extra attention to.

1 a??A?Unplug Your Holiday Lights

Twinkling holiday lights sure make our home cozy, but did you know that all those blinking strings are a fire hazard? Whenever you leave home (or even the room), itA?isA?not enough to simply turn off the lights; safety guidelines say you should actually unplug them from the wall.

2 a??A?Let One Neighbor (But Not Your Social Network) Know You’re Leaving

If weA?areA?going away for the holidays, let at least one trusted neighbor in on our secret. (And it should be a secret, or at least not common knowledge. DoA?notA?blast the news via social media.) One good neighbor can watch over our home, checking that all looks well a?? and alerting the police, if anything looks amiss. Bonus points if s/he is willing to collect mail and newspapers.

3 a??A?Keep Gifts Out of Sight

You probably know that you should notA?advertise any big, new, flashy gifts, but itA?isA?easy to forget to move them out of sight. The easy test is to do a walk-around: step outside and walk the perimeter, doing your best creepy-burglar impression and looking in all the windows. Make sure computers, TVs, game systems, art, etc. are out of view.

4 a??A?Use Automatic Timers

Automatic timers do double-duty this season: you can set them up for regular, everyday appliances (lamps, radios, etc.), but you can also set them for your holiday lights. Since burglars often use holiday lights to determine when youA?areA?home, putting them on timers a?? and changing those timers a few times a week a?? will throw off their evil plans.

5 a??A?Whatever You Do, Lose the Spare Key

You may think that rubberized doggy doo a?? and IA?amA?pretty sure IA?amA?offended, by the way! a?? is a great place to hide your key, but guess what? Burglars are hip to your hiding places. Instead of a hide-a-key, stow your extra key with the neighbor and upgrade to a home security alarm system (with keypad locks so you can forget about keys all together).

6 a??A?Add Video Monitoring

Thieves prey on empty houses during the holidays. If we have out-of-town plans, then now’s the time to install a few connected security system cameras. That way, you can look in on the house, even when weA?areA?500 miles away.

Woof! ThatA?isA?my list. And my gift to you? Three months of free security monitoring, if you use promo code “REX.” Let’s stay safe this holiday season!

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