7 Tips for Safe Black Friday Shopping | Black Friday Safety Tips
Nov 24, 2015 | Personal Safety, Seasonal

7 Safety Tips for Safe Shopping This Black Friday

Black Friday: The mere mention calls up images of fat newspaper flyers, turkey hangovers, major discounts, and crazy crowds. And when we say crazy, we mean positively crushing a?? thousands or tens of thousands of people (depending on where you live), flooding shopping centers, malls and outlets.

Black Friday is a beloved Thanksgiving tradition, but it can also be dangerous. Indeed, not a year passes that we doA?notA?hear about some poor shopper that got trampled or a rage-induced fistfight over the last $100 flatscreen. So with your safety in mind, weA?have rounded up a few safety tips for safe shopping on Black Friday.

1 a??A?Wait for Cyber Monday

Just throwing it out there: Cyber Monday happens the Monday after Black Friday, and itA?isA?the day of massive online sales. From the warmth, safety and comfort of your home, you could navigate the World Wide Web in search of the best prices on everything. Including new home security or awesome add-ons for your existing system.

But assuming you really do want to hit the road on Black Friday, here are a few safety tips:

2 a??A?Designate a Meeting Place

With so much noise, bustle and excitement, itA?isA?easy to lose your shopping buddies in the crowd. Add in spotty cell reception (or dead phone batteries), and it is clear you need a meeting spot and time, in case you get separated.

3 a??A?Be Careful With Your Cash

Unfortunately, thieves see Black Friday as an all-you-can-steal buffet. Keep your wallet close to your body (friends, thereA?isA?no shame in a money belt!), never flash your cash, and take only one or two credit cards with you. Keep credit card help numbers handy, in the event your wallet does get stolen.

4 a??A?Store Purchases in the Trunk

If youA?areA?driving to several stores, always stash your purchases in the trunk. Leaving shiny new bags on the seats or floor is an invitation for someone to break into your vehicle.

5 a??A?Leave the Kids at Home

ItA?isA?a long weekend, your kids are off from school, and you areA?fresh off the high of Thanksgiving and family time. We know youA?areA?tempted to spend the day with the kids, but it is better to leave them at home. If youA?areA?hunting down any popular Black Friday sales, there will be intense shoppers. There will be pushing and shoving. There will be harsh words. If possible, leave the kiddos at home in their pjs, to enjoy a movie day + hot chocolate, preferably with visiting family they do not see often.

6 a??A?Save Your Receipts

In the rush and crush of a frenzied, crowded store, it’s easy to stuff a receipt in somewhere, anywhere (now where did you put it?!). DoA?notA?do that. As soon as you make a purchase, keep your head and very deliberately put your receipt somewhere safe. If you need to make a refund or exchange, youA?willA?thank yourself for having stayed organized.

7 a??A?Keep Your Cool

The absolute, most important element to staying safe on Black Friday is to maintain your calm. Do not let situations escalate, even if it is over that last $100 TV. No discount is ever worth your safety.

Follow these safety tips and you’ll make it home with all your purchases, and limbs, intact.

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