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Oct 5, 2015 | DIY, Home Automation

8 Man Cave Must-Haves for the Modern Man

Man caves: Their mere mention stokes visions of Sunday game days, of video-game marathons, of tinkering, of the newest action flicks a?? with only surround sound and solitude (and sometimes friends and family) to accompany you.

Whether your man cave is sandwiched into an abandoned shed or occupies a spacious basement, it’s Your Space. A spot to relax, to pursue your hobbies, to play, to entertain, to enjoy a bit of time to yourself. And since you have total control over how your cave looks and functions, why not go a little overboard on the customization? Before you get started, consider these 8 man cave must-haves:

1 a?? ManlyA?Decor

We know, we know a?? the term “manly decor” doesn’t sound very manly. But it is true: any self-respecting man cave needs some decorative pre-planning. Whether youA?haveA?envisioned sports-themed everything, a rustic wood-paneled cabin, or a luxe chrome-and-leather cave, think it out a?? and purchase some themed accessories (think: framed jerseys on the wall) a?? before you begin renovations.

2A?a?? Surround Sound

For most guys, their cave is an entertainment hub. And that means one thing: you should install the best sound system you can afford.

3A?a?? A Gigantic TV

After surround sound, there is no other must-have more important than a giant-screen TV and its accompanying video setup (Blu-ray player, DVD library, etc.). Think about all the games youA?willA?watch, the monsters you willA?slay, the movies your wife and kids would never watch. (Or the movies you will watch together. Sharing is caring, friends.)

4A?a?? Video Games

Forget the Wii in the living room: your man cave game system is yours and yours alone (except when youA?areA?sharing; see #3 above), so go ahead a?? outfit your space with the system of your dreams + all those video games you cannotA?play in front of the little ones.

5A?a?? Cushy Seating

Retiring to your cave is something you should look forward to, so even the coziest (read: small) space should have at least one so-comfortable-you-want-to-sleep-in-it chair. If you have extra space (and extra budget), get a sofa and a recliner or two. Or a sectional. Or, if youA?areA?a true movie buff, theater-style seating. (A man can dream.)

6A?a?? Food & Drink

Let’s be honest a?? your man cave is at least partially defined by its snacking potential. At the very least, get a mini fridge in there. Stock your space with all the snacks youA?areA?not allowed to put in the pantry. And if you have the space, go big with a bar and fridge devoted to your snacks. (Because trudging all the way into the kitchen is just too daunting mid-game.)

7 a?? Smart Home Upgrades

We cannot help ourselves a?? we love high-tech toys. Man caves are always awesome, but theyA?areA?even better with smart home entertainment tech. Imagine telling your house, “Man cave, enter movie mode” to cue the lights to auto-dim, the TV to flip on, and the sound system to tune to the cinema setting. Yeah, with some home automation equipment from LivSecure, your smart home can do that.

8 a?? Personal Touches

Here is the fun part: personalizing your man cave to your interests. Are you an old-school gamer? Get a pinball machine, a dart board, and a pool table in there. A sports fan? You need a Foosball table. A card shark? Better install a poker setup. With an eye on the personal, your man cave can accommodate your every interest.

Read the LivSecure blog for more high-tech accessories for the ultimate man cave.

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