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Feb 8, 2017 | Home Automation, Seasonal

Automate Your Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, make sure your evening with your significant other is more special than any eveningA?has been before. Take advantage of home automation to make your night in with the one you love absolutely perfect. There are several ways that you can use your home automation system and home automation equipment to set the mood and impress your significant other this Valentine’s Day. Utilizing these home automation tools, you and your significant other can go the whole night without any interruption at all.

Smart Lights to Add Ambiance

Consider purchasing smart lights for your home, or install smart sockets which allow you to turn lights on and off as you wish. They are the perfect way to adjust the lighting in your house without having to so much as get up. This type of home automation can be controlled by your cell phone and adjusted at any time that you please. Take advantage of smart lights and set the mood for you and your loved one.

Smart Speakers For Romantic Music

Smart speakers can play any music you want, in any room of your home, with nothing more than the press of a button. This technology is also controlled remotely through your smartphone. You may be familiar with Amazon Echo or Google Home. These devices will launch your music playlist just by hearing the sound of your voice! This can be a useful and convenient feature even after Valentine’s Day has come and gone.

SmartA?Thermostat to Stay Cozy

A smart thermostat will allow you to adjust the temperature of the room you’re in without disturbing your snuggle buddy one bit. The temperature can be adjusted remotely through your cell phone, so it’s a great way to ensure a cozy climateA?before you even arrive home from work or from running errands.

This Valentine’s Day, set the mood for you and your significant other by usingA?home automationA?tools. Create a romantic environmentA?for your evening and add features that will be useful in your home even after the holiday.

To learn more about LivSecure’s capabilities with home automation, read our blog.

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