Spring Break at the Beach | Safety Tips for Student Travelers
Mar 4, 2016 | Personal Safety, Seasonal

Going on Spring Break? 5 Safety Tips for Student Travelers

Spring break can mean a lot of different things for students, but it usually means travel. For some, ita??s about relaxing someplace warm. For others, spring break means a volunteering experience, such as building houses, bringing food and medical supplies as disaster relief, or traveling to new locations simply for adventure. You may decide to visit somewhere on the other side of the globe, or explore a new place across the state border.

A little bit of planning and prevention can make a huge difference when it comes to traveling away from home. You wouldna??t leave your front door open before leaving for vacation, instead youa??d make sure to lock your front door and arm your wireless security system. In order to be a savvy student traveler you need to use the same common sense advice for yourself, and create an environment where you and your stuff will be safe during your trip.A? Regardless of where you might be going or why, we have five proven travel safety tips that are important for everyone to know.

Here are the five most important Spring break safety tips for college students:

1 a?? TravelA?With Someone

You know you make smart travel decisions, but the smartest one you can make is to travel with a friend, relative, or with a group instead of traveling alone. If you decide to drink alcohol, take a tour, or explore off the beaten path, youa??ll be safer when you do it together with a travel buddy. Best of all, youa??ll get to share amazing experiences with someone else.

2A?a?? PhotocopyA?Your Passport

Before you leave for spring break, make two photocopies of your passport, drivera??s license, contact names and addresses, and any other important pieces of information. Give one copy to a close friend or relative who will be home during your vacation, and bring the other copy with you, storing it in a different location from your real documents. If your bag gets lost or stolen at any point during your trip, you can grab the photocopies as backup identification. If you run into a real emergency, your trusted friend can scan and send your ID to a hotel or embassy.

3A?a?? Get Trip Insurance

Lots of things can happen before and during your spring break. Anything from illness to extreme weather can derail the best spring break plans. Make sure you get trip insurance when you book your vacation, and check that your medical insurance provides complete coverage in case you get sick over spring break. The last thing you need is to get stuck with inadequate medical coverage or a huge bill in an emergency situation. Also, be sure to ask about student discounts a?? some travel companies offer discounted rates for student travelers.

4A?a?? SecureA?Your Home

If you are going out of state or out of the country, you need to make sure your stuff is safe and sound. You should be able to enjoy your spring break without having to worry about whether or not your apartment is safe. A LivSecure home security system gives you access to real-time alertsA?so you check in using any computer, phone or tablet from anywhere in the world with internet access. Best of all, you can arm your system, turn lights on and off, and keep your home or apartment as safe as if you were there.

5A?a?? TrustA?Your Intuition

You should usually listen to that voice inside your head when it warns you that something doesna??t feel right. When youa??re away on vacation, you should always listen to it. Unfamiliar surroundings and different cultures can throw you off your guard. Listen to your gut, and if a person or a new experience doesna??t quite feel right, you can change your mind politely and get yourself to a safer, more comfortable location.

Read the LivSecure blog for more safety tips forA?student travelers.

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