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7 Scary Statistics About Home Break-Ins

On a daily basis, you probably do not think too much about your home being broken into. “Sure, it happens,” you might tell yourself, “but it probably wona??t happen to me.” However, you should know that anyone could fall prey to a burglar breaking into their home or apartment, especially people who do not have home security systems.

Here are seven scary statistics about break-ins that you should know.

1 a?? A Burglary Happens Every 14.6 Seconds

According to the FBIa??s home burglary statistics, a burglary happens every 14.6 seconds in the United States. If you think home break-ins are an isolated or unusual occurrence in neighborhoods all over the country, think again!

2 a?? Burglars Use the Front Door

In the movies, burglars always climb through a broken window to gain access to a victima??s home. They do that in the real world too, that much should be obvious. However, what you may not have known is that burglars use the front door of the home for a break-in more than 30% of the time.

3 a??A?Daytime Burglaries Are Common

Here is another common misconception about home break-ins: home burglary statistics are likely to show that burglars usually strike at night. That is simply not true a?? in reality, nearly 65% of perpetrators operate in full daylight, often posing as canvassers to make sure nobodya??s home.

4 a??A?Homes AreA?a Bigger Target

You might think that crooks would find targets like banks, electronics stores, or pharmacies more appealing than your average home. However, those types of businesses often have security systems. Many homeowners do not, even though they know that affordable home security is available. That is why 74% of burglaries happen in residential neighborhoods just like yours.

5 a??A?Burglars Arena??t Afraid to Force Entry

We mentioned earlier that the front door is the most common point of entry for burglars. Nevertheless, that does not mean they will not get into your home the hard way if no easier opportunities present themselves. 60%A?of burglaries involve broken windows, picked locks, or kicked-in doors. Affordable home security systems can help in many of these instances.

6 a??A?Burglary Costs More Than You Think

According to the statistics, the average burglary victim is hung up for around $2,000. However, that does not take into account property damage, lost work time, and the difficult to quantify but very real cost of the stress and fear involved.

7 a??A?No Security System?A?That’s Risky

Burglars are three times as likely to break into a home with no visible signs of a security system. Think about it. Security systemsA?are loud, they often record evidence, and they cut police response time down considerably. Thankfully, affordable home security is now a reality for most homeowners.

Do Not Become a Home Burglary Statistic

These statistics may be scary, but take heart: by knowing how burglars operate, you can reduce your odds of experiencing a home break-in. It turns out that in this case, knowledge really is power. However, once you have the knowledge, you have to act on it.

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