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Do Security Signs Stop Burglars?

It’s a fact: security signs can stop burglars in their tracks. Even if you do not have a security system, sometimes just having a professional home security system sign inA?front of your house can be exactly what you need to deter criminals.

Home Security Signs Prevent Crimes

90% of burglars will avoid homes equipped with professional home security systems. Another 75% would think twice about burglarizing a home with a credible security sign.A?Even if you do not have a professional home security system, if an intruder is looking at your home as a potential target, a security sign could deter them. It’s much easier for them to move on to a house they know will not be protected. Burglars, like most people, will take the path of least resistance.A?Each LivSecure plan comes with one yard sign and two window decals, ready to display. Let everyone know that your home is protected.

Home Security Systems Prevent Crimes Better

Some burglars might not be deterred by just a professional home security sign in the yard. In addition, some burglars might attempt to watch your home and see if it is truly monitored, which is why having a home security system is always recommended. A monitored home security system will alert the proper authorities should anyone try to break in, while a home security sign can only warn an intruder against breaking in.A?Research shows that security systems deter criminals from nearby homes as well. As a result, communities with a high density of security systems have fewer burglaries. In conclusion, plant your yard sign with pride to help keep your town safer.

Show OffA?Your Home Security Equipment

An outdoor security camera can be a smart choice to prominently display with your yard sign and window decals. Secondly, a working security camera can assist in finding a criminal who may have otherwise gotten away. Motion sensors on the outside of the home will also deter intruders or at least increase the chance of them being spotted in the act, especially if motion sensors are used in tandem with exterior lights.

There are a number of ways to protect your home from intruders.A?By installing professional home security signs and exterior security cameras,A?many intruders will not take the risk of burglarizing your home and facing the consequences. Why should you take the chance of being without professional home security? Contact LivSecure today for a specialized and affordable DIY plan.

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