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Don’t Get Burned! 10 Tips For Safe Grilling This Summer

When the weather gets hot, it is nice to take yourA?cooking outdoors. Nothing tastes better than food that is right off the grillA?andA?shared with family and friends.

Even expert grill masters know the importance of putting safety first. No matter how many times you haveA?flipped burgers, it only takes a split second for your afternoon to go from fun to fearful. With a little knowledge and preparation, everyone can avoid accidents and common mistakes. Check out this master list of tips for safe grilling.

1A?a??A?Outdoor Use

Never light a grill inside a garage, shed or indoors. Grills give off a lot of smoke and you could risk accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

2A?a??A?Proper Tools

Grills get hot. Charcoal briquettes can get up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit easily, and you do not want to get hurt.A?Use long metal utensils and fireproof gloves to protect your hands.


Set up the grill away from children and pets. It is fun to let the little ones run around outside, but a run in with the grill can lead to serious burns. Make sure you keep the grill at least 10 feet away from your house. This includes portions attached to your house like carports, garages and porches.

4A?a??A?Lighter Fluid

It can be dangerous if there is a spark, and it will add a weird taste and smell to your food. If youA?areA?having trouble lighting the grill, start by placing uncoated newspaper under the charcoal and light it to get things started.


Make sure you follow the instructions and soak your bamboo skewers for at least 20 minutes before you stick the food on and put them on the grill. Forget this important step and the skewers themselves couldA?char and catch on fire.

6A?a?? New Grills

Did you just purchase a new grill and are using it for the first time? Be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before your first use. Different brands and models have unique safety features which you need to know.

7A?a??A?Clothing Check

Wear smart clothing. Avoid loose, frilly, untucked clothes that could accidentally catch on fire.

8A?a??A?Stand By

Stay by the grill once it is lit. Never leave a fire unattended, even for a moment. And never move the grill once youA?haveA?lit the fire. YouA?areA?more likely to have an accident and suffer serious burns.

9A?a??A?Food Separation

Create separate areas on the grill for raw meat and cooked foods to prevent cross-contamination.

10A?a??A?FireA?Safety & Cleaning

Always have a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case. No explanation necessary, ita??s just common sense.A?Last but not least, do not forget to clean your grill before use! This has been proven to be a leading factor contributing to grill fires. And when the fire is out, always let the grill cool, and then clean it, close any gas valves, and put it away or cover it.

Follow these tips, have fun this summer, and enjoy many memorable barbecues with the people you love. For more tips for safe grilling, read the LivSecure blog.

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