Knight Guarding a Castle | Evolution of Home Security Technology

Evolution of Home Security Technology

You might think that home security is a relatively recent concept, but it has been around for a very long time. Throughout the history of humanity, the desire to protect onea??s self, family, and property has always been the highest priority. Folktales and books throughout history tell the stories of battles waged and revenge sought because of violations of safety and security and the loss of property and life.

Moats, catapults, and cannons are just a few of the early intruder deterrents created to protect kingdoms and castles from invasion. The modern day home security system is a newer invention, but ita??s based on the same notion of home protection. Building on this idea, todaya??s security systems include technology that makes them more efficient and more effective.

Early Home Alarm Systems

The first burglar alarm as we know it was patented by Reverent Augustus Russell Pope on June 21, 1853. It used electromagnetic technology and sounded a loud alarm when the door opened. It was effective, but never became popular because Pope wasna??t a savvy businessman.

Lucky for us, Edwin Holmes was a smart entrepreneur. He bought Popea??s patent for $1,500 in 1857, and is credited with making the burglar alarm the popular home security device we have today. He began manufacturing these security devices and figured out a way to show the public that they truly worked. Holmes moved to New York City, a place known for excessive crime, and installed 1200 residential burglar alarms in homes around the city. In 1877 he built a network that connected these alarms to a central monitoring station, which brought the police as soon as the alarm sounded. Holmesa?? security systems were so effective, even businesses wanted them installed.

Advances in Alarm Technology

Holmesa?? son, Edwin Thomas Homes, built on his fathera??s success but improved upon them by using existing telephone lines for monitoring instead of building a separate network of cables. He sold 700 alarm systems in Boston and built a network that proved this new method worked. Holmes copied his sona??s brilliant cost-saving plan and used it to add to his success in New York. In 1905, a competitor bought the Holmes Burglar Alarm business and incorporated new safety features. These new alarm systems included emergency call systems for the fire and police departments. Even if the alarm was not tripped, residents could call for police or fire help directly.

Modern Day Surveillance

After WWII home security systems continued to improve. In 1955 the fire detector was added to the home security system. The 1960a??s brought inexpensive and easy-to-install smoke detectors to homes across America. These two devices have saved more lives than we can count. In the 1970a??s we finally got to see whata??s happening inside our homes when video surveillance was added to home security systems. Early video cameras produced very grainy video footage that made it difficult to identify burglars, but homeowners can control the cameras and watch it on a TV inside their home. Home security technology in 1980a??s started to incorporate basic home automation features too.

Home alarm systems today are similar to Popea??s original system, using electromagnetic door and window sensors, but in many ways they are very different. Password protected systems with automated door locks, wireless technology, cellular and internet communication, HD video and more. Smartphones and computers give us access to home automation and security monitoring features no matter where we are in the world. The future of home security doesna??t only focus on deterring crime, but also on making our lives easier every day.

While houses today may not have turrets and armed guards, most of us view our home as our castle. It is great to know that the modern security systems we use today have been proven to work and keep us safe. With over 150 years of research and development so far, it is no wonder that having a home burglar alarm can really help you sleep better at night and give you peace of mind.

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