How To Deal With Door To Door Solicitors

How to Deal With Door-to-Door Solicitors

The chances are good that if you live in a suburban area, you have probably had the uncomfortable experience of dealing with door-to-door solicitors on at least a handful of occasions. Though not nearly as common an occurrence as it was even a decade ago, being solicited in your home to buy something, to support a worthy cause, to join a religious group or other organization, to sign a petition, or to change your mind about a controversial subject still happens with some regularity.

Maybe you have a wireless doorbell with a camera so you know whether you are opening the door to a friend or complete stranger, or maybe you do not. Regardless of how you might go about checking the identity of someone who knocks at your door, you may be wondering whether you should open the door to him or her. If you have fears about home invasion, someone trying to rob you of either your possessions or your identity, or worse, you are not alone. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time a stranger knocks on your door.

Verify Their Identity and Their Affiliation

First, remember that you do not have to open the door for anyone that you do not want to. It may feel strange or even rude to speak to someone through a locked door, or to simply walk away from a knock without saying anything at all. Nevertheless, keep in mind, you do not owe door-to-door solicitors a thing.

If you decide to engage with them, ask them to show you identification of who they are and what company they are working with by either holding identification up to your wireless doorbell with a camera, the peephole, or a window. Never open the door without first verifying the door-to-door solicitora??s legitimate purpose for visiting you at home. If they cannot or will not, then consider alerting the authorities. If feel that solicitors are a real threat in your area, consider installing a video monitoring device.

Don’t Give Out Personal Information

Do not allow anyone to step inside your home if you do not know already know them. You do not owe a stranger your good manners, or you do not need to open the door or to let someone enter your home if you do not want to. Also, be careful not to provide door-to-door solicitors with your personal information, bank information, or credit card info. You can always pay for an item later over the phone if need be.

If you are filling out a questionnaire or petition, be careful not to give out personal information. Keep in mind that you are also well within your rights to put a “no solicitation” sign and screen anyone that comes to your door through a wireless doorbell with a camera or another home security device.

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