LivSecure Total Home Control Home Automation App

Introducing the Total Home Control App from LivSecure

Staying in control of the security of your home, yourself, and your family and guests just got tremendously easier, thanks to new smart home technology. LivSecure has launched a series of apps that allow you to control all of the functions of your LivSecure security system, by utilizing smartphone home security.

The LivSecure Total Home ControlA?app from keeps you on top of everything, and allows you to control your home security with the tap of a finger.

Arm and Disarm the System

The Total Home ControlA?app is like a remote control for your house, operable from wherever you happen to be. As long as you are connected to the Internet or have a signal on your smartphone, you can control the features of your home security system.

You can arm it, disarm it, and quickly respond to open doors or windows and other alerts. The app literally opens up the whole world for you, allowing you to travel to the store, work, or as far away as your vacation dreams may take you, while allowing you to stay connected to your home through smartphone home security and smart home technology.

Control Your Lights and Thermostat

Have you ever gotten into bed, or gotten to work and only then remembered that you did not shut off the lights or turn down the thermostat? Well, now you can use smart home technology through the Total Home Control app to turn your lights on or off, turn your heat up or down, and arm or disarm your security system from bed, the store, work, or while on vacation.

This function, when used consistently and effectively, can even make it appear that you are home when you are halfway around the world, helping to discourage burglars before they can attempt to break in.

Accessible From Anywhere in the World

The LivSecure Total Home ControlA?app is available from for both iOS (Apple iPhone) and Android smartphones and for a variety of tablets, including the iPad. Ita??s free to download and free to use, but will only work if you have your LivSecure system installed and working. Once that is done, you can rest assured that from anywhere, at any time, you can have smartphone home security using smart home technology.

Read our blog for more tips on how to use your LivSecure app.

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