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Protect Your Pets With Home Fire Safety Planning

Ita??s a shocking statistic. Every year about 1,000 home fires are caused by family pets. On top of that, another 40,000 pets dona??t survive home fires. With numbers like this, ita??s surprising that more people dona??t create customized home safety plans that keep their pets safe.

We want to make sure that everyone keeps their pets in mind when they use fire prevention techniques, such as smoke detectors. We also want to ensure that every fire escape plan includes rescuing pets and getting them to safety in the event of a fire or other emergency event. We love our pets and they are parts of our families. These pet fire safety tips can help you ensure the safety of our favorite furry friends.

Fire, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Unmonitored smoke and fire detectors only work when you are inside your house. If youa??re at the office, out running errands, or away on vacation, youa??ll never know about the potential danger to your pets until it is too late. Professional monitoring, like the kind you get with home security, gets emergency services to your home quickly, and can save the life of your pet. Let your alarm monitoring station know that there are pets in your home, and put signs in your window so the fire department and police know to expect pets inside your house. You can also ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on each othera??s homes, and to care for each othera??s pets in case of an emergency.

Prevent Fires From Open Flames &A?Electrical Sources

Keep your pets far away from open flames at all times. This means safety around gas stoves in the kitchen, candles in the bedroom, fireplaces, and even the pilot light under your hot water heater or furnace. You should also make sure your pets do not have access to electrical wires if they like to chew or play with them. Add a fireplace screen to keep your pets from getting too close to the flame. It is up to you to keep your pets safe by preventing fires in the first place.

Choose Safer Alternatives

Love lighting candles around the holidays but are worried about your pets starting a fire? Choose battery-operated flickering candles that give off the same ambiance without the worry. If you can, pick a wireless home security system to prevent pets from chewing through wires that will disable or set off the secure alarm system. Use child and pet-safe heaters and put them in gated-off areas to prevent your pets from starting a fire.

Place Crates Near an Exit

If you leave your pets crated during the day, or if they like to sleep inside their crates, keep them near an exterior door for easy access in case of an emergency. If a fire starts when you are not home, a scared pet may hide in a crate as a place of comfort. You can let a firefighter know exactly where the crates are located so your pets can be rescued quickly with minimal risk or danger. You may also want to close off bedroom doors to prevent additional places where your pets could run and hide. Security monitoring can save the life of a pet if there’s an emergency when you aren’t home as the monitoring center will be able to notify the fire fighters where pets are inside.

Plan & Prepare Your Escape Route

Smart families practice customized fire safety drills in case of an emergency. Be sure to include pet fire safety routines, and store extra collars and leashes near the escape route exits in your home. You will want to keep your pet safe after you exit your home. This allows you to exit your home quickly without having to look for their leash.

Your pet will probably not know what to do in the event of a fire which means having a pet fire safety plan is crucial.A? Not only can you save your peta??s life, but fire prevention and fast monitoring response time can be the difference between minimal damage and a total loss of your home. Do not put it off for tomorrow a?? take a few minutes today to think about how to protect your pets in case of a fire. Learn more on the LivSecure security blog.

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