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Save Money With Home Security and Home Automation

If you have been thinking about getting a home security system, but havena??t made up your mind yet, there is something you should know: residential home security systems can save you money. When you compare the low cost of monthly monitoring to the amount of savings and the high cost of a burglary, there is no doubt that it pays to get a smart home security system with home automation features.

Home Insurance Discounts

Many home insurance companies will give you a yearly discount for adding a home security system. The added protection will reduce the chances that you have a break-in, which means the insurance company saves money. When you add professional fire and smoke monitoring in your home, you also reduce the amount of time it takes for the fire department to get to your home. Smoke detectors save lives, and monitoring can get the fire department to your home faster, reducing the amount of damage to your home. Home insurance companies pass that savings on to homeowners, encouraging everyone to keep their home safer and more secure.

Lower Utility Bills

Smart home security systems with home automationA?can keep those electric, gas, and water bills lower, saving you money every day. LivSecure has a smart thermostat that you can control from any phone, tablet, or computer any time, day or night. You stay in control of your heat and air conditioning, making your home more efficient and safer. There is no need to worry if you forgot to lower the heat before leaving for work. Check on your pets and make sure they do not overheat in the summer.

Make Your Appliances Smarter

By plugging lamps into smart plugs, you can take your savings potential to the next level. You can control your lighting with the tap of a finger using your app, and turn off lights that arena??t needed when youa??re away from home. You can also dim the lights all day for your pets, to increase your savings. You can also use home automation to automatically turn your lights on and off. You can get peace of mind and save a large percentage off your utility bill each month by turning off lights you do not need when you are not at home.

Avoid Costly Break-Ins

The biggest potential savings you can get is simply from avoiding a burglary. If you are robbed, youa??re going to have to deal with the cost of replacing the stolen items. If you have good insurance that covers most of this, your premiums are likely to increase, and you will have to pay a large deductible. You may also have to pay for repairs on your home, including replacing doors, locks, repairing broken windows and other repairs. Most of all, you will have deal with the violation of your privacy and personal space, a priceless feeling that cannot be replaced.

Insurance companies want to reward you for taking good care of your home. Home security systems will keep your home safe and secure. Professional monitoring will make sure that in the event of a burglary, fire or any other emergency, the police, fire department and other emergency services are called in as needed. Use a wireless home security system with home automation to help you save money and keep your home and loved ones safe.

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