Real-time Alerts on a LivSecure System

5 Best Real-Time Alerts on Your LivSecure Wireless Alarm System

At LivSecure Home Security Systems, we provide innovative homeA?technology that takes you beyond the standard home security system, bringing you added security, safety and convenience. Wea??ve taken the traditional alarm system and created new ways to help everyone, especially busy professionals, parents, caregivers, and homeowners, stay on top of the important things in their lives using real-time alerts. These notifications keep you informed about whata??s happening in your home, the moment you need to know it. And beyond your home security system, alerts are a vitally important way for you to keep tabs on the adults, kids and pets in your home, ensuring that they are safe and cared for every day.

LivSecure is powered by My Alarm Center, a trusted name in smart home wireless security, with a reputation for protecting homes for decades. A few of our customers use their systems to simply arm and disarm, but most take advantage of the comprehensive alert system to stay in control. As more people use smart home alerts every day, several alerts are becoming clear favorites.

Herea??s a list of the top 5 most popular real-time information alerts. How many of these alerts do you use every day?

1 a??A?Break-in Alerts

When someone breaks into your home and invades your privacy, you need to know immediately. Break-in alerts tell you the second someone opens a door or window, sets off motion detectors, and triggers the alarm. Even though the alarm will sound and your 24/7 professional monitoring will bring the police to your home, an alert can let you know you need to protect your loved ones immediately.

2A?a??A?Fire & Carbon Monoxide

Fire and carbon monoxide poisoning are life threatening, and when those secure alarms sound, every second counts. If youa??re away from home and you get one of these alerts, you can rush home or ask a neighbor to check on your house and pets, to see if ita??s safe.

3 a??A?Video Alerts

When your front door opens, you can find out who it is with LivSecure security monitoring video alerts sent straight to your phone. Did your teenager just get home from school? Is that the dog walker taking Rover out for a walk? Stay in the know with a video or photo of whata??s happening in your home, in real-time. You can also get a text alert when the door opens, and log in to your app to watch live video feed.

4 a??A?Lights

When youa??re at home, you turn your lights on and off at random times, a signal to would-be burglars that someone is at home. You can even hook lights up to a motion sensor. You can use your app to turn the lights in your home on and off using the smart socket plug-in. Simply control the lights in your home with the tap of your finger, even when youa??re on the other side of the world. Keep your home safer and keep burglars away.

5 a??A?Thermostat

If the power goes out in your home when youa??re away, your pets could suffer from extreme temperatures. You could also end up with frozen pipes in the winter, or spoiled food in the summer. Get helpful alerts and check on the thermostat in your home. You can even adjust it when youa??re out of the house to help lower those utility bills.

Real-time alerts help ensure your homea??s safety and security, and may also qualify you for a discount on your homeownera??s or rentera??s insurance. If youa??re not sure how to set up and use real-time alerts, we recommend you watch our videos to become familiar. Take a few moments today and customize your LivSecure system to keep your home and loved ones even safer.

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