Burglar Confessions | What Do Burglars Look For
Aug 8, 2017 | Home Security

Where Burglars Look When They Break In

Before they break in, most burglars already know what theya??re looking for and where to find it.A? The FBI reports that the average burglary takes between 8-12 minutes, which means their plans are executed quickly.A? Leaving valuable items out is not recommended but many places you think will be safe are the first places an intruder looks.

  1. Master Bedroom
    Many people leave their jewelry and cash in their clothes drawers or under their bed.A? Burglars know to go through drawers, closets, and look under the mattress in this room.A? This will be the first room searched because it is assumed that the most valuable items will be found there.
  2. Bathroom
    The medicine cabinet and toilet tank are the most common places searched within your bathroom.A? Sometimes guests will even look to pilfer items from these places.A? Burglars may attempt to take prescription bottles as the pills can usually be sold illegally.
  3. The Living Room
    This is a common place where one would find car keys, personal documents, or credit cards.A? It is also a common room that small safes are stored in.A? It is not recommended to keep valuables in the living room because this space is usually very close to the entrance to and makes it easy for a burglar to escape.A? You may feel more secure with a safe but, if the safe is not bolted to the floor, a burglar could take it along with them.
  4. Kitchen
    Hiding valuables inside of a cereal box is a common hiding place for many people, which burglars do not overlook.A? Your pantry, cereal boxes, cans, and the freezer will be searched.
  5. The Laundry Room
    Burglars will often check to see if anything is concealed amongst the clothes.
  6. The Office
    You should be cautious about which documents are easily accessible within your home office.A? If you have book shelves, they will most likely be dumped to the floor as burglars search for hollowed out books.A? A burglar will be looking for high priced equipment here, including laptops, printers, and any valuable items on display.
  7. Kida??s Room
    Burglars will be looking for electronics in this room.A? It is assumed that children will have gaming consoles, laptops, or expensive toys.A? Burglars will even smash piggy banks.A? An intruder will most likely go through all the drawers and closets in this space as well.
  8. The Safe
    A burglar will already be looking for a space large enough to hide a safe.A? It is recommended to have your safe built into the wall or secured to the floor as it is possible for a burglar to take the safe and find a way to open it at another location.

Burglars already know exactly what they can find throughout your home.A? Think of complicated places to hide valuables.A? The more time consuming a task will take, the less likely a burglar will attempt it.A? Leave small valuables in various places throughout the house so that burglars will not be able to take everything even if they find a hiding place.A? Most importantly, always activate your alarm system when you leave your home.

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