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Common Entry Points to Your Home

To protect your home properly, it is important to know what the common entry points of a home are. This way you can fully reinforce all the possible entry ways, provide a boost to your home security, and learn how to defend your home from being victim to an intruder.

Front Door

  • Make sure that your locks are reinforced. Builders have standards that they need to follow to complete a home, but this standard is not necessarily high enough to prevent all break-ins.
  • Replace any hollow wood doors with ones that are made of solid wood, fiberglass, or metal. Also, make sure they are installed to swing outward and have security hinges.
  • Replace your deadbolts with a grade 1 or 2 solid metal lock that has a throw bolt of at least 1 inch with no exposed screws on the outside.
  • Secure your door frame with several 3-inch screws that reach the wall stud along the frame and doorstep. It is also recommended to install high quality metal strike plates.
  • A door alarm is a perfect way to make sure that you will always know when someone is attempting to enter your home.
  • Most importantly, never leave a spare key hidden anywhere outside and always replace your locks if your keys are stolen or missing.

Back Door

  • Be sure to avoid exterior doors with windows that can be easily broken to open a lock.
  • Consider adding a security grate to any French doors.
  • A good idea for securing sliding glass doors is to use a rod in the bottom track that swings up when you need to go outside.


  • Your garage door can be easily hacked by a professional. Make sure it is secure at all times by installing a new automatic opener that uses rolling-code technology.
  • Never leave your garage opener in your car. If someone gains access to your vehicle they will have immediate access to your home.
  • Secure your garage door’s emergency release with zip ties.
  • It is a good idea to reinforce the door into your home from the garage as well. Consider installing a deadbolt or peephole.


  • Manufacturer locks are flimsy and can easily be broken. Reinforce your windows with a replacing latch that can only be opened with a key.
  • Consider installing locking gates or using wired glass for your basement windows.

To keep your home completely safe it is also recommended to install a home security system. LivSecure provides home security systems and 24/7 alarm monitoring with easy DIY installation.

For moreA?tips on reinforcing your home’s entry points, read the LivSecure blog.

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