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Facts You Should Know About Burglars

You never know if someone will try and break into your home but it is important to be prepared in case this happens. Protect yourself by arming your home with a home alarm system. If you do not already have a home security system in place it is a good idea to consider getting one. Be prepared before a thief can enter your home and remember these common facts about burglars.

Burglars Have Jobs

BurglarsA?may be people you let in your house to do their job, such as a cable guy or plumber. It’s a good idea to hide any valuables when you plan to have someone come inside your home.

It’s Okay to Be Rude

Don’t let service people use your bathroom. Even though this may seem rude, this will give an intruder a chance to possibly unlock a window or review what valuables you have.

Keep Valuables Hidden

It is a good idea to hide valuables inside of your children’s rooms because most burglars do not think they would find anything of value there. Try not to leave expensive kids’ toys outside of the room because this could be an indicator that other valuables might be inside.

They Work Close to Home

Burglars tend to work only a mile or two from home. This is because they want to be able to make an easy getaway after burglarizing a house. If they are within a few minutes from home and familiar with the area, it is easier for them to get away with a crime.


They usually strike between 10 AM and 3 PM. This is a prime time for robberies because most people are not home and it is easy to enter the home without being seen by neighbors. They are usually in and out in less than 10 minutes. When burglarizing a home, most times a burglar already knows what valuables are inside. They have most likely done surveillance to see what time you will be home and what they are looking for when they enter. It is important to keep blinds and windows closed so that they cannot easily determine the contents of your home.

TheyA?Avoid Security Systems

Burglars tend to avoid security systems. According to one study, 90% of burglars would avoid homes equipped with a home security system! A good way to deter a burglar is to advertise the system with a window sticker or lawn sign.

Security Cameras

Burglars are rarely caught unless filmed on security cameras. LivSecureA?home security systems include a wireless security camera system. These cameras are easy to customize and allow you to add custom triggers to take photos or record video when motion sensors are hit, perfect for capturing a burglar entering your home.

Make sure you are prepared before a burglar has a chance to enter your home. Always be cautious when someone you do not know is inside your home and take the time to hide valuables before anyone comes in. Being prepared could save you thousands of dollars and keep your home a safer place.

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