5 Home Daylight Savings Tips | Testing Smoke Detectors

5 Daylight Savings Home Maintenance Routines

Daylight Savings time is here and that means spring is around the corner. If you own a home, you know that spring brings with it a series of home maintenance tasks to ensure your home is in good repair. It is also the perfect time to make sure your home security and safety features are up to date.

Here are five home maintenance tips to make safety a priority this spring:

1 a??A?Replace Batteries & Test Smoke Detectors

Fire departments across the country promote Daylight Savings as the perfect time to change the batteries in your clocks. If you havena??t adopted this important safety habit, start now! Make sure each of smoke, fire and CO detector in your home has a fresh battery, and press the button to test and make sure that each device is in good working order. Now that you have your fire safety taken care of, ita??s time to add a few more things to your Daylight Savings routine.

2 a??A?Replace Light Bulbs

Check the light bulbs inside your house and outside, including security lighting. Take time to replace any bulbs that are burnt out in order to make your home safer and more secure. Dona??t forget to check lights on the porch, in the backyard, on the deck, inside the garage, and in the basement. Youa??ll not only prevent an intrusion, youa??ll also provide a safer environment for your friends and neighbors.

3 a??A?Clean The Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause extensive roof damage when it rains. You can prevent expensive repairs by cleaning out you gutters, or hiring a specialist to do that for you every spring and every fall. Therea??s a lot of dirt and debris ends up clogging the drain spout during the winter.

4 a??A?Check Your Emergency Supplies

Daylight Savings time is also the perfect reminder to check your emergency supplies. Take a few moments to restock anything that you used up during the winter and throw away expired food and medication. Put fresh batteries in your flashlights and make sure everyone in your home practices your emergency escape routes and safety plans.A? If you have pets, make sure you have a well-stocked stash of emergency supplies for them too.

5 a??A?Create & Update Your Emergency Contact List

Take a few moments to make sure everyone on your emergency contact list has up-to-date information. Sometimes friends and relatives move out of town, providing you with the opportunity to add new people to your support circle. Also be sure you have the names and phone numbers of reliable electricians, plumbers, babysitter, and other people who you might need to get in touch with during an emergency or crisis. You can never be too prepared.

5 a??A?Customize Your Home Security System

Do you arm and disarm your security system every day? Do you need to add an extra security camera? Does your garage need a motion sensor? Take a few minutes to evaluate if your lifestyle has changed, and make sure you adapt your security system to meet your needs.

Use Daylight Savings and the approaching spring as a chance to assess and address any possible home security issues. Happy (nearly) Spring!

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