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Home Security And AirBnB

Over a hundred thousand homes and apartments are now listed on the popular website AirBnB. This service allows renters and homeowners to offer up their residence to tourists and make some extra money. But how can you keep your home protected when opening it up to complete strangers? Here are ways to keep your home secure while still following AirBnB’s strict guidelines for guest privacy.


AirBnB has strict rules for security cameras. In fact, Air BnB prohibits hosts from using surveillance equipment to spy on guests. Security cameras are allowed but they must be disclosed and guests must be aware of where each one is. Even if they aren’t operating, AirBnB and any guests staying in your home need to be completely aware of any surveillance.

Surveillance equipment is entirely forbidden in bedrooms or bathrooms, even if they’re disclosed, and violation of this surveillance agreement in any way may result in a host’s suspension or total removal from AirBnB.

AirBnB categorizes security equipment as anything that transmits video, still images, or audio. This includes security cameras, nanny cams, pet cams, web cams, baby monitors, and even smart phones.

Smoke and CO2 Detectors

AirBnB does not require a homeowner to have fire and CO2 detectors in their home but it is recommended that every home have these lifesaving devices. LivSecure offers state of the art smoke and CO2 detectors with alarm monitoring so even if you aren’t staying in your home the proper authorities will be notified in case of an emergency.

Working smoke and CO2 detectors also help sell a home as many tourists don’t feel comfortable staying in a place without them. Making sure they are featured on your AirBnB listing is a great way to make your commitment to a guest’s safety clear.

Keyless Entry

Keys can be a hassle when guests use your home. You have to make sure the guests get the key and then anyone can easily copy a key with a five-minute trip to a local store. Keyless entry, such as automatic door locks and security codes, save you the hassle of dealing with lost keys while giving you peace of mind that no guests can get back in after their stay. Codes can easily be changed after every visit to keep your home secure.

Motion Sensors

AirBnB does allow for off limits areas in your home. What better way to protect these areas than motion sensors which let you know if anyone has entered a place they shouldn’t. Motion sensors can also be used to notify you in case any important or expensive objects have been removed by guests. Keeping items in a safe is a great way to make sure your most important items are secure.

Home Automation

With strangers staying at your home, it’s easy to see utilities go up as lights are left on and the thermostat is fiddled with. Home automation allows you to set timers on lights so they turn off when not in use as well as keep track of your home’s climate and even control it if need be.

Home Security Systems

Guests staying in your home often feel vulnerable as they are in a strange place. Home security lets them know they’re protected in your home and gives you reassurance that everything will be safe in your house even if you aren’t the one sleeping in it.

For more on how to stay protected while having frequent guests in your home, take a look at these things homeowners insurance doesn’t cover.

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