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May 30, 2017 | Home Security

Home Security For Renters

Even when you dona??t own your home, ita??s important to take home security into consideration. Youa??re still just as vulnerable for a break in. Here are several things to consider before choosing a home to rent and steps you can take to prevent any theft.

Know the neighborhood.

Before deciding to rent a home or apartment, make sure you evaluate the surrounding neighborhood. It is important to research the crime statistics before you move in so that you are prepared for potential burglaries.

Know your neighbors.

It is a very good idea to learn who your neighbors would be so you can be conscious of who is going to be around your home. It is also a good idea to be in contact with them in case of any emergency situations. Finding good neighbors is important because you can communicate with them if you see anything suspicious and they can also look after your home while you aren’t there.

Test lights.

Before moving into a new home, test the light switches and make sure they work. If they do not, it is important to immediately report this. This could lead to an electrical fire that could cause damage in your home. Ensuring that electrical outlets are working properly as well is important to making sure the home you rent is safe and wired properly.

Check fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

As soon as you move in, make sure the fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector work properly. These are essential, especially in an apartment building, for keeping you safe.

Ensure your privacy.

It is critical that locks be changed so that old tenants do not have the ability to enter your home. You should also consider installing a deadbolt for full security. A?Additionally, make sure the door hinges are reinforced. Upon moving in, install blinds as they create full privacy. No one will have the ability to see into your home to see what valuables you have.

Make sure the peephole works.

It is important that you dona??t open the door when you dona??t know who is behind it. Make sure you can see out of the peephole and if you dona??t have one, ask to have one installed. You wouldna??t want to open the door to a stranger.

Check escape routes.

It is imperative to have a plan in case of a fire. Evaluate all the exits and check different routes you could take in case of a fire. If you have fire escapes, make sure theya??re sturdy and easily accessible.

Get renters insurance.

Renters insurance protects you from anything that might happen. Most renters insurance coverage plans include burglary, water damage, vandalism, and fire damage. This will ensure that if a disaster does happen, youa??ll be covered.

Get an apartment friendly alarm system.

Consider installing an apartment friendly security system. This will give you full confidence that you are safe in your new place. LivSecure provides a DIY home security system that is perfect for use in small homes or apartments. There are no wires needed and it can be installed in under an hour.

As a home or apartment renter, it is important to keep home security in mind. Many people think that because they live in an apartment complex, they will not be a victim to burglary. Take the time to ensure your new residence is safe and secured properly.

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