Door & Window Sensors

Get total flexibility and control with these unique motion sensors. Protect your home's entry points with the burglar alarm while you also secure indoor areas with chime and alert settings. Add an optional home security camera for added visibility into your home.

LivSecure Motion Sensor 1

You’re Protected

Our door and window sensors are designed to give you a smarter, safer home in minutes. Your system comes with 3, but you can add extra sensors at any time for complete protection, with no extra monthly monitoring fees. These sensors are best placed at first floor entry and exit doors, which are the most common and attractive targets for burglars.

LivSecure Motion Sensor 2

Total Flexibility

Use sensors anywhere! Go beyond your doors and windows with sensors in off-limits cabinets and closets. Set them to chime and keep tabs on your home office, liquor cabinet and more.

LivSecure Motion Sensor 3

Safe and Secure

Wireless sensors with long-lasting batteries can’t be disarmed with the snip of a wire or a power outage. Your control panel will let you know if a sensor needs attention so your home always has protection. It’s easy to set alerts and reminders that are tied to your sensors which means you’ll be notified of any activity you care about, whether your system is armed or not. Want to be alerted when the dog walker arrives? Interested in seeing a notification if a door is accidently left open? Just a few seconds is all it takes to create your alerts and enjoy peace of mind.