Motion Detection

Add an extra layer of security for your home, even if you have pets! Keep unwanted intruders away with our smart motion sensor, included with all LivSecure home security packages. It’s designed to protect larger rooms or rooms with many windows, when you’re out of the house.

LivSecure Motion Detector 1

Pet-Friendly Protection

Your cats and dogs can enjoy freedom in your home without triggering the burglar alarm. Our smart technology can tell the difference between a burglar and your furry friend.

LivSecure Motion Detector 2

We’ve Got You Covered

Motion sensors are a great way to protect large rooms with a lot of windows. Simply put your motion sensor in the corner and it monitors the entire room for any signs of entry or movement.

LivSecure Motion Detector 3

Security You Can See

Add a home security camera and customize your settings to send you a photo or video when the motion sensor is triggered. You’ll know what’s going on as soon as it happens.