Smart Socket Plug-in

Automate almost anything in your home! Simply plug any lamp, TV, or another device into a Smart Socket Plug-in and control it remotely. You can even set up a program to let it turn on and off at preset times. By utilizing a Smart Socket Plug-in, you can take your savings potential for utility and insurance bills to the next level.

LivSecure Home Automation Smart Socket 1

Stay in Control

Whether you are at home or out, you stay in control. Turn lights and TVs on and off to make it appear that someone is home even when you’re not.

LivSecure Home Automation Smart Socket 2

Lights Out

Never worry about leaving the lights or small appliances and devices on when you leave the house. Just turn each device on or off with a tap of the home automation app on your phone or tablet.

LivSecure Home Automation Smart Socket 3

Welcome Home

Don’t return to a dark and empty home. Turn the lights on when you’re on your way home and enter your secure house safely with lighting to help you find your way.