Total Control for Your Home

With the touch of your finger, LivSecure’s Control Panel gives you complete access to your home automation system. Run your entire home with ease and confidence.

LivSecure Wireless Home Security Control Panel 1

Best Home Alarm Panel Protection

Keeping your home secure starts with our interactive, touchscreen Control Panel. It’s the brain of your home security system, and it’s smarter than the bad guys. If the power goes out, or the phone line is cut, the signal will still get out. Single-touch emergency buttons allow you to call for help fast if needed.

LivSecure Wireless Home Security Control Panel 2

Easy to Use Program

The LivSecure Home Control Panel gives you the information you need with an intuitive, simple touchscreen interface. Best of all, you can install it yourself in minutes. Place the panel near a high-traffic area and outlet that is not controlled by a switch. Plug it in and it’s ready to use!

LivSecure Wireless Home Security Control Panel 3

Advanced Alarm System Technology

We use multiple layers of protection to keep you safe in an emergency, including wireless z-wave technology, and long-lasting battery backup. Your home security system will always get up-to-the-minute software updates automatically to ensure your security. Additionally, the panel comes ready to support a variety of automation features for your locks, lights and thermostat.

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