Home Automation App - Total Home Control

With LivSecure and Alarm.com's home security equipment, you have easy access to everything inside your home wherever you are. Just open the home automation app, Total Home Control, swipe and tap, and your home is secure. The Total Home Control app is available from Alarm.com for both iOS (Apple iPhone) and Android smartphones and for a variety of tablets, including the iPad. It’s free to download and free to use with your LivSecure security system.

LivSecure Total Home Automation Control App 1

Give Access, Keep Home Security Controls

With the Total Home Control App, everyone in your circle of trust can keep your home secure with their own unique home security code. Know who’s coming and going at all times, and manage account access whenever you need from your own phone on our home security app.

LivSecure Total Home Automation Control App 2

Alerts and Notifications

Our easy home security app notification system is so helpful, you’ll wonder how you lived without it! Need to be sure that your contractor or dog walker is arriving at the house when they should? Setting up no-show security alerts are a smart way to do it. Instead of getting an alert every time a person lets themselves in with their unique user code, you’ll only get an alert when they don’t. This minimizes the number of alerts you get while still keeping you informed. Our 24/7 alarm monitoring also means you’ll get alerts if the carbon monoxide detector, fire alarm system, or home monitoring system ever go off.

LivSecure Total Home Automation Control App 3

Better Living with Home Security Systems

The Total Home Control App knows when you leave and come home, so the lights and thermostat adjust themselves when you’re away to save energy. And your home is safer because you’ll get an alert if you leave without setting the alarm system.