Wireless Indoor Security Camera

No more guessing! You know your loved ones are safe and secure when you can see what’s happening inside your home at any time of day or night.

LivSecure Home Security Camera 1

Privacy and Security

Cameras deter criminals and can help you keep your pets, loved ones and home safe. No matter what happens, your LivSecure videos and photos are secure and only you can see them anytime, day or night.

LivSecure Home Security Camera 2

Custom Video Monitoring

It’s easy to customize the type of video you need. First, set up security cameras in desired locations. Next, add custom triggers to take photos or record videos when motion sensors are triggered or at specific times of day. That’s it. The system does it all for you!

LivSecure Home Security Camera 3

See for Yourself

Worried about Fido getting into the trash? Tucked into bed and hear a loud thump downstairs? Log in to your wireless security cameras and see what’s going on right now. You’ll have peace of mind when you can check on your home with your own eyes.