Ordering Your LivSecure Home Security System

When you order a LivSecure home security system, we walk you through every step of the way to make sure you get the perfect home security system that fits your home and your life. We help you figure out how many door sensors and wireless security cameras you need, and help you throughout the set up and activation process.

Protecting your home with LivSecure is simple:

Total Smart Home Security | LivSecure
How It Works Step 1 | Call to Place Your Order

Call and place your order.

Our Home Security Specialists will help you design the home security system you need.

How It Works Step 2 | Your LivSecure Home System Arrives in 2 Days

Your LivSecure DIY home security system arrives in 2 days, with FREE SHIPPING.

How It Works Step 3 | Set Up Your LivSecure Home Security System

Set-up your home security system.

With guides, videos, and customer support, you'll be set up in no time.

How It Works Step 4 | Call to Activate Your Home Security System

Call to Activate your home security system.

How It Works Step 5 | Call to Place Your Order

Set-up your home security yard signs & decals.

Let everyone know your home is protected by LivSecure.


With LivSecure, your smarter, safer home is just a few steps away.



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