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How to Have the Smartest House on the Block With Home Automation Equipment

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions yet? This year, we challenge you to try something totally different a?? to leave the Joneses in the dust and create your own standard. This year, why not outfit your home to be the smartest house on the block?

Today, smart home technology is about much more than nifty features like auto-locking doors (although theyA?areA?admittedly awesome); itA?isA?about safety and security monitoring, too.

Because today, smart home technology focuses on total life security systems. A smart home will keep your home protected from thieves, your family protected from carbon monoxide (aka the silent killer), and your valuables protected from fire. And in just a few minutes (and all the hours of tinkering, tweaking and perfecting your heart desires), you can build the safest, most secure, and smartest house on the block.

Easy as 1-2-3: Building the Smartest House on the Block

A good DIY home security alarm system offers everything you need to build a smart home. Let’s start with the basics:

The Control Panel: Gone are days of clunky control panels with itty bitty buttons. If you want a smart home and smart alarm system, you have to start with a smart control panel: an interactive touchscreen that grants you access to all your system settings. Even if youA?areA?just installing the basic equipment to start, insist on an interactive control panel with touchscreen, so you can easily upgrade your home when the time is right.

Door and Window Sensors: The most basic of home security equipment, door and window sensors are still pretty smart. The second your home is breached a?? a window is cracked or the door broken down a?? they send an instant call for help.

Motion Detectors: Even sweeter tech than door and window sensors, motion detectors (aka passive infrared sensors) use infrared technology to “see” uninvited guests lurking in and around your home. If a burglar sets one toe inside, the alarm is triggered, the alarm company is notified, and the police are on their way.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Here is where smart homes really dip into the life security waters: fire and CO protection. New, connected fire and CO detectors are linked directly to your alarm company, so if smoke or carbon monoxide is present in your home, we can send emergency responders immediately to your aid.

Connected Security Cameras: Not only do new, smart security cameras record the goings-on at your home, but they’re connected, so you can view the feed from any of your computers or mobile devices. ItA?isA?peace of mind, in your hand.

Smart Thermostats: Your thermostat is one of those things that can really propel you to smartest-home-on-the-block status. Not only can you set your thermostat for day/night temperatures, but you can also adjust your climate control a?? from anywhere a?? to meet even the most unexpected of weather conditions. Even a blizzard that hits when youA?areA?days away at the in-laws.

Smart Socket Plug-ins: Want to outfit your home in the coolest, most useful smart tech? Install a few of our smart sockets, and you can remotely control the lights, electronics and appliances from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Put it this way: not only can you can flip on lights and the radio to pretend someone is home, but you can also curb your kids’ screen time a??A?as long as the TV is connected to a smart outlet, that is.

Home Control App: All this smart tech would be worthless without good controls, and good controls are more than a touchscreen control panel. Enter your smartphone (or tablet, or computer), and its accompanying smart home control app, and you can manage every smart function of your home from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

This year, wear your smarts on your sleeve: Create the smartest house on the block, and doA?notA?forget to warn burglars with plenty of lawn and window signs! We areA?betting 2016 will be your safest, securest year yet.

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