Make Your Home Safer This Winter

How to Make Your Home Safer and More Secure this Winter With Self-Install Home Security

Have you always wanted to boost your home’s efficiency during winter, but you werena??t quite sure of where to start? Winter is the perfect time of year to upgrade your home securityA? and security monitoring system and other indoor systems that keep your house safe and comfortable all year round. Here are sixA?easy home security tips that can make your home safer this winter.

Upgrade Your Security Systems

You may think that your older home security system is rock solid, but if youa??ve had it for more than a few years, ita??s already out of date. Burglars can more easily bypass outdated, traditional wired security systems, and be out of your home with your cherished items long before you even know what hit you. Upgrade to a smarter wireless security system that has no wires to cut and keeps you informed of whata??s happening inside your home with instant smartphone alerts.

Start With a Smart Control Panel

Your security system service control panel is your home security systema??s brain a?? keeping everything connected, online, and working at all times. A?All of your smart-home elements, including your sensors, your thermostat, your motion detectors, your smart plugs and more, are connected and communicating through your control panel. Use the control panela??s touch screen to access everything and keep your home working like clockwork. Need more access? Choose an expandable control panel, so you can add smart features as you need (or want) them.

Secure Your Home With Smart Sensors & Detectors

New window and door sensors, motion detectors, pet detectors, and even smoke and CO detectors that are connected to the Internet and your smartphone are the right way to go. LivSecure monitored sensors are connected to your control panel which notifies you, your smartphone, and our monitoring station in the event of an emergency.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

A smart home isn’t truly smart until the thermostat is connected, you can control it from your smartphone, and you can set it to auto-adjust to meet your preferred environmental conditions. With LivSecure, you can log in to the Control Panel on your phone (or tablet, or computer), but you can also adjust temperatures and even change your settings while mobile.

Film Some Home Video

Want to get really smart? Outfit your home with connected home security cameras, which allow you to monitor your home and check in from anywhere.

Cozy up to Smart Outlets

Smart outlets are the intelligent way to manage your energy bills and stay comfortable throughout the winter. Not only can you set your smart outlets to turn on the porch light or flip on the TV to pretend someone’s home, but you can also wire these handy doo-dads to motion detectors. Turn on lights, heaters, music and more whenever you walk into a room.

Now that is a smart use of your winter downtime.

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