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Oct 15, 2015 | Home Security

Imagine Life Without These Top 5 Home Technologies

I am going to get a little personal with you for a moment. When I sat down to write this post, I thought it would be fun. Five minutes in, I was panicking. The thought of life without technology is anything but fun.

But hey, it is October a?? the month when we pretend terrifying things are amusing. So since we absolutely have to, let’s get our Halloween on and celebrate with a list that is more frightful than Jason or Chucky.

1 a?? The Internet

The gloves are off, my friends. Yeah, weA?areA?going there a?? the Internet. Go on, just try to imagine life without the Internet, the information super highway. Without your Netflix queue, without Spotify, without Facebook, without Amazon Prime, without all those sites you love os much.. And if you want to join me in panic, just envision opening your computer to NO EMAIL. You think it would be liberating but no, as soon as you had to write your first company-wide memo, you would be weeping for your inbox.

2A?a?? Computers

It just got real. If you want to dive deep into the nightmare, up the ante by imagining life without computers. Just a few decades ago, your desk would have been adorned by a big, clunky typewriter. (Electric, if you were really fancy.) You would have been really, really careful about typing because the delete button? It was called white-out tape, and it was tedious.

3A?a?? Cell Phones

Okay, raise your hand if you have ever caught yourself in one of those grumpy moments (while simultaneously wondering if youA?areA?actually old enough to be grumpy), grumbling about how, when you were a teenager, you had to feed quarters into a pay phone, of all things, and that teenagers today doA?notA?know how good they have it. Of course, five seconds later you will catch yourself irritated at your spouse for not picking up the phone because s/he’s at the store and you really, really need to add something to the grocery list. We may not have grown up with the technology, but cell phones are definitely ingrained into our everyday. (Do not even try getting between me and my Candy Crush.)

4 a?? GPS

Did we just blow your mind? Rewind back to a time before GPS. A time before MapQuest (remember how game-changing that was?) because do not forget, in our nightmare scenario we doA?notA?have Internet. We areA?talking way back in the day when you used maps a?? honest-to-goodness, paper maps (the fancy ones were laminated) that you folded and tucked into your car door. You would have to carefully plot out your route ahead of time, and hope, pray and plead that you would not miss your turn.

5A?a?? Home Security Systems

Once upon a time, there was a land without smart locks, a land where you could notA?control your thermostat via phone or turn out the lights from the comfort of your bed. A place without even the simplest window and door sensors, where you would have to go Home Alone on would-be burglars with ingenious booby traps.

So that is our so-glad-it’s-not-real take on Fright Fest. Now you tell us: What tech would cause you alarm to live without?

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