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Frequently Asked Questions



How long will it take to set up my home wireless security system?

We’ve made the do-it-yourself installation process very simple. Customers tell us that the easy, step-by-step instructions give them the information they need and let them set up their system in about an hour.

How do I know if I set up my home security system correctly?

After you follow the EZ Setup Guide that comes with the DIY home security kit, there is a simple test you can run to ensure that your system is communicating properly. Once you have completed the setup, don’t forget to call us to activate your 24/7 professional security monitoring. We can also verify that your security system is fully functioning.

I'm not comfortable setting up my home security system. Can I get help?

Setup is really easy, but we understand that some customers may need some extra help with the do-it-yourself installation. Check out our YouTube channel for additional set up instruction and easy to follow videos. Additionally, our LivSecure Security Specialists are available from 8am to 10pm EST 7 days a week to provide you with help over the phone.

I don't have a landline. Can I still use LivSecure's home security services?

You don't need a landline! In fact, LivSecure utilizes advanced technology which allows our alarm systems to communicate using cellular service and wi-fi.

I have a large home. Can I get more components from your alarm company to expand coverage?

You can easily add more components to your system to expand your home security coverage. Just contact us and we’ll help you customize the right solution to protect your home. From extra window and door sensors, to surveillance cameras, we have a range of devices and smart “Things” to ensure your home is well-covered for any emergency and as smart as it can be.

Do I need to cut holes in the walls or run new wiring?

No. Components in the LivSecure system work wirelessly and do not require holes in the walls or unsightly wires. The DIY home security system is not only easy to install, it’s easy to uninstall, making it a perfect solution for those who might be renting, or if a new home is in your future. You can easily take LivSecure with you, wherever home may be.

Can the home security control panel be mounted to the wall?

Yes, the home security control panel can be mounted to a wall. The panel will also arrive with a table top stand so you can choose where to put it wherever is most convenient for you.

I have more doors and windows than sensors. What should I do?

The best thing about the do-it-yourself LivSecure system is that it is flexible and customizable. You can add more door and window sensors at any time, in minutes. Just contact us to order anything you need, like motion detectors, and we’ll ship it out to you immediately, and you can set them up whenever you have a few free minutes.

TIP: Most customers place sensors at first floor door and window locations—the most common points of entry. If you have windows over a garage or shed, or next to a sturdy tree with branches that extend to your house, you may want add second floor sensors.



Are wireless home security systems really secure?

Yes! Wireless home security systems offer sensible, reliable protection that’s ideal for many lifestyles. Keep in mind our system is backed by 24/7 professional security monitoring against intrusion, fire and carbon monoxide -this is an important layer of protection for you and your family that other smart home automation setups may not offer.

What if there is a power outage?

LivSecure features a battery backup that keeps the security system running while power is being restored.

What happens when an alarm is triggered?

When an alarm is triggered, the central monitoring station will first try to contact those users who have been designated on the call list. If no response, local emergency support will be notified and deployed to the site address.

What is included in your home video monitoring? Is it complicated to set it up? How do I access the video and live feed systems?

LivSecure’s video monitoring is simple to install, set up, and use. When you choose an alarm system with video monitoring, you get wireless security cameras that can be installed anywhere in your home, or moved around at your convenience. You also get our video monitoring service to records videos, take photos, and show live feed anytime. You’ll use the remote monitoring app on your phone or tablet, or log in using our website to watch videos and see what is happening inside your home. Best of all, you can add customized security camera triggers which take photos and record video when sensors are opened and closed, or when specific security events occur.

Will my pets set off the alarm system?

Motion detectors should be installed at least six feet high to avoid accidental activation by pets. Our motion detectors utilize advance technology that are designed to reduce false alarms stemming from pets 80 pounds or less. If you have a pet over 80 pounds, please call us to discuss pet detectors as the best option for your home.

I have poor cellular service where I live.
Will your security alarm system work?

Our system utilizes dual path technology to communicate. If it’s unable to connect through cellular service, the system will communicate with Central Monitoring via the wireless network in your home.

What if I move? Can I take my home security system with me?

Yes! That’s the best benefit of our wireless technology and our simple DIY installation process. Your alarm system as easy to relocate as it is to install. Take the equipment to your new home and reinstall using the EZ Setup Guide that came with your self-installation kit.

Lost your guide? No problem. Click here for an electronic version. Don’t forget to call us and update your service location so we can keep monitoring your home.

Where are your monitoring centers located?

For security reasons, we don’t give out that information. But rest assured, with multiple alarm monitoring stations located around the US, your system will always be monitored even if a natural disaster or power outage strikes part of the country.

Ordering a LivSecure DIY Home Security System


How long does it take for my LivSecure system to arrive?

It takes only one to two days after ordering for your DIY home security system to arrive at your home because we want you to secure your home as soon as possible. You can also expect a phone call from us within a few days to check that you’ve received your system and to answer any installation and usage questions.

What is the $99 Activation Fee for?

When you order a LivSecure home security system, you’re getting anywhere from $500 to $1000 worth of smart home security equipment for free. The activation fee allows us to process and ship your order immediately and set up your 24/7 professional monitoring service faster.

Does the LivSecure DIY home security system still work during a power outage or Wi-Fi outage?

Yes! All LivSecure systems are designed to be redundant, which means there are multiple layers of backup to keep your family protected no matter what happens. The system includes long-lasting batteries which protect you even if the power goes out. They system itself can communicate using internet, cellular, and land-line technology so it can always get the signal out.

Is there a fee to use the app? Is there any limit to how many devices can access my system using the app?

Unlike other companies, LivSecure gives you the remote monitoring app for free. You’ll never be charged a fee, and you can use the app on as many smartphones and tablets as you want. You can also give everyone in your family and in your circle of trust access to information on your system using the app so they can help keep your home secure and your family safe.

To see how the free app works, watch our video.

Is there a warranty?

We offer a 60-day, risk-free satisfaction guarantee (written right into the contract) and 1 year limited warranty on all equipment. System components are covered for replacement under normal wear for as long as you remain a service subscriber.

What if I’m not satisfied?

We hope you’ll love your LivSecure system, but in case you’re not satisfied for any reason, we offer a 60-day risk-free return policy. Just send the system back to us, no questions asked.

Is LivSecure a reliable home security company? I’ve had some bad experiences with other companies.

LivSecure is a division of My Alarm Center, which has been in the security business for nearly 15 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. That means that homeowners who use our home security service love us, and that we resolve any customer service issues quickly, in a way that makes our customers very happy. Our goal is to protect every home in the US with the best wireless home security system and monitoring we can offer. Our reviews reflect that commitment to service.