Home Security Signs and Window Security Stickers

Notifying Potential Burglars of Your Home’s Security System

Did you know that in the United States, one burglary is committed every 15 seconds? That information is scary and few experiences are as frightening as having your home burglarized.

As anyone who has ever been the victim of a burglary will attest, it is not necessarily the missing items that cause the most distress, though losing valuables can certainly be upsetting. It is the feeling that one’s safe space – the home – has been violated, calling into question the safety and security of everyone and everything within.

If you knew that a few clearly placed home security stickers or home security signs in your front yard could help out, would you take advantage?

A Crime of Opportunity

Thankfully, we can take action to dramatically reduce our odds of falling prey to this disturbingly common crime, and it all starts with home security.

Burglary is a crime of opportunity, and burglars look for easy targets to hit. As much as you would consider them a real source of trouble, the fact is that they do not want any trouble themselves, so they are likely to choose the path of least resistance. This means, homes with home security system stickers in the windows may be passed over, as insecure homes present much easier targets. Similarly, the presence of home security signs in the front yard go a long way towards warning potential burglars that they are in for trouble.

Put Yourself in the Mind of a Burglar

If you were a burglar, prowling the neighborhood looking for an easy mark, what would you look for? The telltale signs are probably what you’d expect: lights off, no car in the driveway, a pile of newspapers or an overflowing mailbox, secluded points of entry, plenty of hiding places around the yard, no dogs, and of course, no evidence of home security systems or smart home technology service, as conveyed by things like home security signs.

Can Home Security Stickers Protect Your Home?

According to one study, a full 90 percent of burglars avoid homes equipped with home security systems, and 75 percent would think twice about burglarizing a home with a credible home security system sign or decal.

Which may lead some homeowners to wonder, “Why not just put up home security stickers and signs, and skip the actual home security system?”

On the surface, this may seem like a good idea. In addition, it may be effective in warding off the dimmer burglars out there. However, it is important to remember that smart burglars are excellent problem solvers.

They certainly will not solve any of your problems. For you, they will create them. No, burglars are more focused on solving their own problems at your expense. They have already spent the money from their last heist, and they have bills to pay and possibly habits to maintain, so they go out looking for opportunities for ill-gotten wealth.

Here We Go A-Burgling

Picture yourself casing a neighborhood for potential marks. Oh, there is one! The yard is full of potential places to hide, and that rear window looks like an easy access point if you do not happen to find a key under the mat.

The driveway’s empty, and there is an HVAC flyer that has been hanging on the door for a few days now. You knock on the door to “ask for directions.” Nobody is answering, and you do not hear any dogs barking. It looks like easy pickings.

But what is this? A home security system sign in the front lawn! As a professional burglar, you generally avoid homes with home security systems. They are just not worth the trouble, the noise, or the risk.

But you also know that plenty of people put up home security stickers and signs to trick members of your profession into moving on. So what do you do? The same thing you would do if you needed directions or could not remember the name of that person who played the villain in that one movie. You will Google it. Burglars have smart phones, too.

When It Comes to Securing Your Home, Why Take Risks?

If the home security signs appear to be from a reputable alarm company, there is a good chance that the alarm system actually exists. However, if it is some generic-looking sticker that anyone can purchase online, or the alarm company clearly does not exist, that decal might as well be a welcome sign.

In fact, its very existence is a signal that there are valuables within, and that the occupant is too cheap to invest in a legit home security system. This house is starting to look like a better target by the second.

Now that we have spent some time inside the mind of the neighborhood burglar, we can see that just having a home security sticker is not necessarily a foolproof means of protecting your home. While it might ward off some would-be home invaders, the more perceptive perpetrators will see right through your ruse, and may even see your home as a more inviting target – there is clearly something inside that you are trying to protect, but you have neglected to implement any truly effective home security measures.

Show Off Your Home Security System

On the other hand, if you really do have a home security system like LivSecure installed in your home, you should definitely advertise it. Remember – many of the homes that are burglarized did not have any evidence of home security clearly placed outside.

Be sure to place home security system signs clearly in your front and back yards or near other entrances. If anyone thinks you are bluffing, they will quickly realize that they have made a big mistake when the alarm goes off and they notice your very real security camera.