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May 1, 2017 | Personal Safety

How to Prevent Bike Theft

Bike theft is one of the most common forms of burglary in Pennsylvania, especially if your bike is not locked up properly. Your bike will always be safest when it is locked up but there are several other ways that you can keep your bike safe as well. Here are some home security tips designed to keep your bike safe from likely bike thieves.

LockA?Up & Chain Your Bike

When you are riding your bike away from your home it is important to use a bike lock and designated bike rack to secure your bike if possible and prevent bike theft. Even if your bike is just outside of your home, it is vital to keep it secured by lock and key. An unsecured bike is far too easy and tempting for a thief to steal, as the getaway vehicle has already been provided.A?All bike locks can be broken, but a sturdy lock and savvy locking strategy will greatly reduce the risk of your bike being singled out by thieves.

Keep Your Bike in a Well-Lit Area

Keep your bike in aA?brightly lit area whether at home or out for a ride. If your bike can be seen by other people, then thieves will be less likely to attempt to steal. Even in a well-lit area, remember to properly secure your bike with a lock and chain.A?Among the many types of bike locks available for purchase, choose from u-locks, cable locks, chain locks, a locking wheel or a keyed lock or combination lock.

Use Security Cameras

Outdoor home surveillance cameras, placed in plain sight, are perfect for deterring possible bike thieves. People are less likely to try anything if they believe they are being recorded by a security system. Plus, even if your bike is stolen you will have video evidence of the perpetrator, making it easier to get your bike back when you speak to the authorities. LivSecure offers DIY home security and security cameras which are perfect for outdoor placement.

Make sure to take proper care of all your valuables, including your bike, and keep them secure from burglars at all times.

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