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Benefits of Professionally Monitored Security Systems

The biggest benefit of a home security system is peace of mind. In addition, withA?professionally monitored security systems from LivSecure, you get quite a bit more than that.

DIY and Affordable

Your LivSecure wireless home monitoring system is sent directly to your front door. With easy installation through our EZ Set-Up Guide, anyone can install the motion sensors, wireless security cameras, smart sockets, smart thermostats and fireA?& carbon monoxide detectors with no experience at all. You’ll be prepared to protect your home within one hour.

Someone is Always Watching to Keep You Safe

LivSecure uses a wireless security camera to keep an eye on your home. All of the home automation devices, including the motion sensors, wireless security cameras, smart thermostats, and fireA?and carbon monoxide detectors, “talk” to the LivSecure control panel, which can contact emergency services if necessary. In addition, your surveillance system is also always available to view online, so you can stay aware with real time alerts of what is going on in your home. You can even download the free app from, which syncs with your system and allows for remote arm/disarm and easy viewing of your camera images and videos.

FireA?& Carbon Monoxide Detector Monitoring

LivSecure provides professionally monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Traditional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will only beep to alert your family of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. What if there are pets, children or elderly loved ones in your home that cannot take care of themselves? LivSecure’s professionally monitored security systems will sound a full alarm and alert the central monitoring station. Emergency services are dispatched immediately.

Protect Your Family

Away from home? No need to worry. The greatest benefit of a professionally monitored home securityA?system from LivSecure is knowing that your home and your family are always safe.

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