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Dec 8, 2015 | Home Security, Seasonal

Home Security Safety Tips to Survive the Holidays

The holidays are a special time of year, but they also bring their own home security safety concerns. For one thing, most of the country is exposed to below-freezing temperatures and their accompanying dangerous weather a?? snow and ice and sleet and, worst of all, the verboten phenomenon known as black ice.

But thatA?isA?not the only thing to watch out for this season. Beyond the obvious weather concerns, the holidays bring difference and newness: situations that come around but once a year.A?Here are five key home security safety tips to keep in mind:

Be Careful in the Kitchen

For most families, food plays a central role in the holidays. And often, weA?areA?preparing food we do notA?normally make, in portions we do notA?often accommodate. So this year, take some serious precautions: Do not rush. DoA?notA?leave the oven unattended. Sharpen your knives a?? did you know, dull knives cause more kitchen accidents than do sharp knives? a?? and then don one of those oh-so-wonderful anti-cut gloves. Most importantly, make sure your fire alarm is working properly.

Arm Your Alarm System

People leave home during the holidays, so it should be no surprise that this is a burglar’s favorite time of year. Do yourself (and your home) a favor, and be sure your home is protected with motion detectors, pet detectors, door & window sensors, and floodlights, at the very least. If you want to boost your safety, add security cameras, monitored CO and fire detectors, and other smart-home security add-ons. And make sure you can check on your home via smartphone, so you can double-check that your home is safe, even when youA?areA?miles away.

Stay Safe on the Road

Are you like us? We probably do more long-distance driving between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, than in the rest of the year combined. And when you pair long drives with kids cooped up in the car, with cold and icy conditions, with huge crowds and traffic jams a?? well, that isA?a recipe for disaster.

Make your holiday drive safer with careful planning. Pack the car with plenty of distractions for the kids, so they will not provide distraction for you. Only drive during daylight hours, even if it means overnighting at a hotel along the way. Do your best to avoid fresh snow and ice. And take plenty of breaks to stretch your legs, so youA?areA?alert while driving.

Watch Your Electrical System

Your electrical system may seem in tip-top shape, but can it stand up to the additional load of all your holiday decorations? Be careful not to overload your circuits, but go a step further and have your system checked before you plug in your string lights. Even better, upgrade your most beloved seasonal cheer to LED lights and energy-efficient dA?cor; they have a much lighter electrical load. With home automation, you can even program your holiday lights to turn on and off when you wish.

Watch Your Credit Cards

Thieves are out in full force for the holidays, and they are interested in more than your home. Take precautions to keep your credit cards a?? and your identity a?? safe this season: when shopping online, make sure your payment is secure. Beware of phishing emails. Keep your receipts. And, if you want to be extra safe, stow your credit cards in an RFID-blocking sleeve or wallet.

Stay safe this season!

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