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St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips

This St. Patrick’s Day don’t just rely on luck. Make sure you stay lucky by making sure you stay safe. You can always enjoy the holiday, have fun, and still stay responsible. Before going out with your friends, make plans to celebrate everyone’s favorite Irish holiday safely. Here are someA?St. Patrick’s Day safety tips that we recommend:

Designated Drivers

Plan to have a designated driver. This way you can enjoy yourselfA?without having to worry about finding a way home. Law enforcement is extra strict on a holiday weekend like this so be sure you have someone to help you home. For the safety of yourself and others on the road, never try to drive after drinking.

Lock Up Valuables

Be sure to prepare your home before you leave to go out. Hide your valuables and make sure they aren’t visible from any exterior windows or doors. This also applies to your car if you happen to be the designated driver. Don’t leave any valuables on the seats where they can be seen. Many people will be out of sorts this evening so don’t take any chances.

Watch Out For Friends

Remember to drink responsibly and not only to protect yourself but also the friends and family you go out with. Keep an eye out for anyone too intoxicated and make sure you stay away from anyone acting suspicious.

Drive Slow

Remind your designated driver to drive slow and stay alert. Just because you’re being responsible doesn’t mean everyone else on the road is. It’s important for your designated driver to drive slow and be aware of all other vehicles on the road.

Turn On Home Security

You don’t want any drunks wandering in. Before leaving your home, make sure to turn on your home alarm system. There is a good chance that people could be wandering around where they don’t belong and it’s better to be safe than sorry. LivSecure provides security systems for easy, DIY installation.

Use theseA?St. Patrick’s Day safety tips during whatever event you may have planned. Drink responsibly, protect your friends and family, and be sure to secure your home and vehicle.

For more safety tips, read the LivSecure blog.


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