Jun 22, 2017 | Home Security

Things Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover

It is nice to believe that because you have homeowner’s insurance you will be covered for any damage that could take place in your home, but, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. LivSecure provides home security that helps protect from many of the disasters your homeowner’s insurance may fail to cover.

Burst Water Pipes
Many standard insurance policies cover water damage created by pipes bursting within your home, but costs related to replace or repairing pipes may not be. If it is caused by negligence, it is very possible your claim may be denied. Always be aware of where pipes lead and when they could burst. Make sure to drain water from your pool, sprinkler system, and outdoor hoses. Especially in the winter, make sure your pipes are properly insulated so that they will not freeze.

Injuries Caused By Certain Dog Breeds
Some insurance companies will not pay for damage caused by high risk breeds. Make sure that your pet is covered within your insurance.

Standard insurance policies do not cover earthquakes, this is most often covered through a separate policy.

Emotional Support
When an unexpected trauma takes place, psychological counseling is often needed to make you feel safe. Homeowners insurance does not consider this for reimbursement.

Flood coverage is optional and is more commonly excluded from homeowner’s insurance policies.

Most times insurance will cover the growth of mold that is caused by a burst pipe, but, if it was due to lack of maintenance, there is a chance your claim could be rejected and you will have to pay money out of pocket to repair the damage.

Sewer Backups
Damage caused by sewage systems usually aren’t addressed by homeowner’s insurance. Cleaning up and restoring areas of the home that are affected by sewage leaks are very pricey and would require additional coverage for the full cost of repairs.

This type of geological disaster falls into the same category as earthquakes and floods and would require additional insurance to cover the damage caused by sinkholes.

Termite Damage
These small creatures can devastate the foundation of your home and aren’t often covered by your insurance. Keep on top of this by using a pest control company on a regular basis.

War & Terrorism
These unpredictable events are not covered under your homeowner’s insurance. These are considered ‘fundamentally uninsurable’ because there is no set amount of money that it could cost to repair a home due to biological, chemical, nuclear, or radioactive weapons.

Many out of control events that could take place are not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. LivSecure is one of the leading home security companies and alarm companies. They can inform you as soon as water begins leaking in your home, if any damage has occurred to your property, or if anything simply isn’t working correctly.

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