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What does it mean to protect your home with a custom do it yourself home security system?

Wireless Home Security LifestyleIt means understanding what your family truly needs every day. It means taking a real look at the vulnerable access points to your home. It means understanding your unique schedule and the schedules of everyone else in your home. It means thinking about the people who support your life – your housekeeper, dog walker, babysitter, contractor, neighbors – and considering how to make their lives easier without compromising your home’s security.

A wireless home security system only offers protection when it’s armed and ready. If it’s too complicated or too difficult for your loved ones to use, it won’t get used often and can’t protect your home. You need to choose the alarm system for your home that fits your unique lifestyle, and one that allows everyone within your “circle of trust” to arm your home security system easily too.

The problem is that residential home security shouldn’t be “one-size-fits-all”. Each and every one of us has a different home, a unique lifestyle, and specific requirements that we need in order to keep our homes safe and secure. At LivSecure, our customized home security systems provide homeowners with flexible, adaptable, and expandable systems that can grow with them.

A Solution For Your Home

  • Building an addition? Add extra door and window sensors, security cameras, and motion sensors to keep the new part of your home safe.
  • New baby? Kids returning after college? Is grandma moving in with you? Customize your wireless home security system by adding key fobs to protect everyone inside your home.
  • In the military and getting deployed? Know your loved ones are safe when you protect them and your home with LivSecure.
  • Worried about your pets? You can see if the dog walker arrived, if they need help, or just miss you with video monitoring systems. Just log in and watch live surveillance video feed any time of day or night.
  • Moving around the corner or across the country? Your LivSecure DIY home security system travels with you.
  • Frequent traveler? Whether it’s for work of pleasure, you can check on your home, pets, and family with LivSecure home automation apps and the secure website.
  • Live alone? No need to worry. With 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, someone is always looking out for you.
  • Have a vacation home or a rental property? Add LivSecure wireless security systems for home to keep tabs on it and give you peace of mind.

No matter what big changes are happening inside your home or in your life, there’s a LivSecure residential security system that fits your lifestyle. Learn more about how we can help you customize a home security system with the features you need to keep the people, pets, and things you love most safe and sound in any emergency.

Wireless Home Security Lifestyle





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