Environmentally-Friendly Home Security Systems

When your goal is to minimize your impact on the environment, you’re going to evaluate everything you use in your daily life. Where you drive, what you consume, and even how you protect your home should be energy efficient and create minimal waste. Wireless home security systems are a great choice for those who want to use fewer resources but still need solid, reliable, secure home protection. Here are a few of the features wireless alarm systems provide that will complement your lifestyle.

Low-Energy Sensors

Wireless sensors run for years off a single battery. There are no wires for door, window, motion and other sensors, which means that the home security system isn’t using as much electricity as traditional wired systems. You won’t have high energy bills, and there is no wasted electricity.

Smart Fire Detectors

When you choose a smart wireless home security alarm system, you’ll enjoy the benefits of fire and carbon monoxide protection as well. Wireless systems include wireless fire detectors, which use batteries for minimal electricity. While we recommend changing your battery twice a year to ensure the best protection, you can use those batteries in less essential devices until they run out.

Video Cameras

Most homeowners prefer to add video monitoring to their home security systems in order to check on their pets, kids, and generally keep an eye on things. The best thing about environmentally-friendly security systems are the surveillance camera settings which ensure that allow you to decide when the security camera should turn on and off. You can customize security camera triggers which take photos or short videos when a door is opened, or at specific times of day. You can also watch live feed any time from your tablet or phone at any time, but when it’s not in use, your camera will remain in standby mode.

Home Automation

The best way to lower your energy bills is to use smart home features and smart home devices, such as smart thermostats, smart lights, and smart sockets for small appliances. With home automation, you can program your temperature and lighting to run when you need it. You can also control your devices, heating, and cooling from any device remotely using an app. You’ll never have to worry that you left the lights on or forgot to turn down the heat when you’re away from home.

There are many ways to make your home energy efficient and convenient. You don’t want to add extra hassle to your busy daily routine, and now you don’t have to. See what a LivSecure environmentally friendly wireless home security system can do for you.

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