Protect Your Pets with Home Security

pets-home-securityOn the surface it may seem like home security systems and pets are a bad mix. But new wireless home security technology is so pet-friendly, nothing could be further from the truth. The days of puppies chewing through wires and cats knocking over cameras are long gone. Today’s residential home security systems protect pets as easily as people with fewer false alarms.

Let’s take a closer look at how a pet friendly alarm system can protect your furry, fuzzy, and fishy friends.

  • Pet-friendly motion sensors are designed to tell the difference between your pets and a human being. When your home security system is armed and the pet-immune motion sensor is activated, it can only be triggered by an intruder.
  • Video cameras with remote monitoring via smartphone, tablet, or computer allow you to log in to your home security system and check in and see what your pets are up to anytime.
  • Event notifications help you keep tabs on pet sitters. You can get a text message when your dog walker arrives and leaves. You can also set up your home security system to send you an alert if the dog walker never shows up, keeping you informed.
  • Wireless home security technology makes residential security systems easy to use when you’re a pet owner. There are no holes to drill, no wires that can be chewed through, and no way for your pets to get into trouble and set off the alarm.
  • If your pet immune home alarm system has smart home automation, you can check on the temperature in your home and adjust the smart thermostat from your smartphone to keep your pets safe and healthy. You don’t want them to freeze in the winter or overheat in the summer.
  • Add a home automation smart plug on the light for your fish tank and you can turn it on and off using your smartphone or tablet with the tap of a finger from anywhere in the world.
  • Add door/window motion sensors to any cabinets, closets, or rooms you want your pet to stay away from. Make it a chiming sensor, add a phone alert, and you’ll instantly know when Fido or Fluffy get into trouble.
  • Put a motion sensor on your pet door to help you keep track of when your pets come and go. You’ll wonder how you and your pets ever lived without it!
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring will keep your pets alive when you’re not at home. Create instant security alerts that will tell you when an alarm sounds, and you can breathe easy knowing that the fire department is on its way to rescue your pet.

It’s up to you to keep your house secure, especially if you have pets. As it turns out, pets and people can coexist if you select the right pet friendly alarm system. Read about other ways to protect your pets here. As members of your family, they deserve the best home security you can get!

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