Home Security for New Homeowners

If you’ve just purchased a new home, we want to congratulate you! We hope you enjoy many years filled with happy memories. Buying your first home is both exciting and challenging because first time homeowners have a lot to learn about home security, maintaining a house, home improvement projects, dealing with contractors, and lawn care. Experienced homeowners may have a better idea about what they are getting into, but they will still need to learn the quirks of the new home.

We want to help you keep you, your loved ones, your pets, and your favorite things safe and secure. We know that a wireless residential home alarm system is the best way to achieve this goal. We have a few home security system shopping tips to help you choose the best alarm system. Start by looking for a home security system which has these 3 key home security features:

1. Wireless Home Security Technology

Wireless home security systems are better than traditional wired security systems for a number of reasons:

  • There are no wires which can be cut, which reduces the vulnerabilities of your home security system.
  • Wireless home security technology is also safer for children and pet-friendly. There are no wires to chew through or pull.
  • Wireless home security systems have multiple communication methods, including cellular, which helps them provide better 24/7 home security.
  • You can install it yourself. Skip the expensive installation appointment! Simply add, move and remove sensors, cameras, and more at any time, in minutes.
  • Moving again? You can take the security system with you.

Choose a wireless home security system that will protect you even when the power goes out and the phone goes out. Wireless home security systems are easy to customize and change anytime to meet your needs.

2. Video Monitoring System

One of the most commonly used features on wireless home security systems is the advanced video monitoring capability. You can preset your video cameras to take photos or record video to keep you informed in so many ways, including:

  • Take a photo when your front door opens so you know that the dog sitter arrived or the kids got home safely.
  • Watch live feed of your dedicated pet camera to check on your pets when they are at home alone.
  • Add a wireless security camera to your liquor cabinet or video game cabinet with motion sensors, so you can see who’s going in your house when you’re not at home.

3. Home Security Alerts and Notifications

It’s easy to set up home security alerts to let you know who is coming and going. You can customize home security alerts to keep you and anyone in your circle of trust informed. Take your wireless home alarm system beyond the alarm with text messages and emails. You can even receive security photos and videos from inside your home.

Make a smart decision and protect your new home with the wireless home security system that has the home security features you need.

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