Alarm Systems for The Home: Keeping Your Family Safe

content-familyYour family is different from every other family on your block, in your city, and even around the world. You may have kids of different ages, caregivers, and grandparents all living under one roof. It can be a struggle to keep everyone safe and secure all the time. You have unique home security needs, which means you really need an alarm system for your home that can be customized and adapted to fit and protect your family.

The great thing about a wireless home alarm system from LivSecure is that you can use it to keep children of all ages, along with everyone else in your home, totally protected.

Baby Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is an easy way to keep an eye on your little one when you’re not at home. You can also give the babysitter or nanny their own personal alarm code to let them arm the home security system when they watch your little one.

Toddlers & Child Sensors

The terrible twos and troublesome threes are no match for home security technology. No matter how mischievous your toddler is, keep them safe with child locks and chiming door/windows sensors which can be installed on all of the cabinets, drawers, and closets you want to keep them away from. If they manage to get into something, you’ll hear a chime and receive an instant text alert on your smartphone.

Home Security Apps For School-Age Children

As your kids get older, they can get involved with home security in your house by learning to keep the alarm system armed using either a key fob, or the home security app on their cell phone. If your kids come home from school alone, you can set special triggers within your home security system to take a photo or video when they walk in the door. You’ll also get a text saying that they arrived at home safely.

Keeping Relatives Safe With Personalized Alarm Codes

Alarm systems for home give you a lot of options when it comes to keeping relatives safe. Elderly relatives can use the key fob easily to arm your home security system when they come and go. If there is dementia in your family, chiming door sensors can notify you or caregivers if grandpa decides to take a walk outside. Visiting cousins or any other guests can get their own personalized alarm code, and can help keep your home and family safe twenty-four hours a day.

Caregivers & 24/7 Home Monitoring

A home security system will allow the important people in your support team to keep an eye on your home. Home health aides, babysitters, housekeepers, dog walkers, neighbors, and friends can all make sure your family and pets are safe at all times.

No matter what size or shape your family is, how big your house or apartment is, or where you live in the US, it’s up to you to protect it. Just make sure you choose an alarm system for your home that puts your family first.

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