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Great system and very EZ to setup and operate even for non-technical peeps. If you are a techy or a tinkerer this is the system you want. You will save lots of dollars by doing it yourself. And Livsecure tech support is a phone call away if you have any problems. One of the things i hate is buying a system only to find out that you have to buy expensive proprietary equipment to customize the system to your needs. In the case of the Livsecrue system, i was able to find inexpensive compatible devices that work fine. Zwave standard add-ons works well with this system and are easy to find. Of course the biggest value of any security system is reliability. It is extremely reliable. i have had it installed for at least 2 months now, no false alarms, no disconnects from the internet and the components all continue to register as fully functional. i recommend it to all.

Michael McNair | April 5, 2016
I have to brag on your employees. …I have yet to have a bad or even uncomfortable experience when I call with any questions or trouble shooting. Everyone has gone above and beyond to help me. So thankful for all the help they have given me and their patience! ! This keeps customers as well as had me referring Livsecure to my friends and family!! Again thanks so much!!

Sarah Freeman | March 29, 2016
I contacted LivSecure b/c I was receiving phone calls about a sensor error on my system. Diana contacted me back and was able to solve my problem right away. I have serveral systems with LivSecure and whenever there is an issue she is always able to fix it promptly.

Derek M | March 26, 2016
Easy set up, great communication and service.

C Lym | March 22, 2016